frequently asked questions
What makes Reward All different from cashback sites?

Reward All was built from day one as a B2B solution. The ability to customise content, adjust commission levels and fully retain complete ownership over your user base while providing you with an additional revenue stream are unique in the industry. We also offer dedicated account management and optimisation.
Will Reward All work with existing loyalty points system?

Yes. From the ground up the Reward All technology was developed to integrate with any off-the-shelf or bespoke loyalty programs.
I have an exclusive partnership with a particular retailer or service provider - can Reward All accommodate this?

Yes. our technology will allow you to easily maintain or develop exclusive partnerships.
I want to be able to send my users emails from time to time to promote the site. Is this something you can do for us?

Yes, but we've also built in a simple to use emailing function that will allow you to email all your users at once. The choice is yours.
How are user payments managed?

All commissions are provided to you on a monthly basis, along with a detailed report of user statistics which offer a great insight into consumer behaviour.
What do I do if I don't want a particular retailer or service provider featured on my site?

Simple - just de-select them from your exclusive administration panel and they're instantly removed. Alternatively, send us an email and we'll do it for you.
How much control do I have over the commission levels that my users can earn?

You have 100% control over all available commission levels and may lower or increase these levels at any time.
still have questions?
Just drop us a line and we'd be happy to answer any question you might have.